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Beyond strategically assisting people in finding their ideal mortgage solutions as a mortgage agent with Mortgage Intelligence, you will find that my free-time consists of that spent with the most amazing daughter one could ever ask for. Some of our favorite activities involve trail walking, mountain biking, and enjoying the many fantastic establishments that this town of Elora, Ontario (home) has to offer. You will also find me participating weekly in organized ball-hockey across the Centre Wellington and Guelph areas, as well as at various different fitness facilities. Outside of these activities, I have a love for reading and critical thinking. 

This love for critical thinking offers insight into my career as your source for mortgage solutions. Specifically, through my time double-majoring at the University of Guelph, I realized very quickly that my future career needed to involve the use my abilities to think creatively and problem solve to help others. I am fortunate to have a career that supports this goal 110% of the way and continues to positively challenge me long after the conclusion of my degrees.

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